Turrialba Volcano ash closes El Tapojo quetzal site

The volcanic ash resulting from the most recent eruptions of the Turrialba Volcano has closed the quetzal location at El Tapojo. The Albergue del Quetzal, managed by Manuel Salvador Gil, has had to close too, its water source now being contaminated. I am unable to enter the location to give a detailed description, but Manuel has relocated to just above the Montaña del Fuego soda/restaurant, which is just 3 km from La Pastora. Area schools are still closed, including the one at La Pastora.


The ash fall at El Tapojo, a previously completely unaffected site, was caused by an unexpected change in wind direction. This meant that ash also fell for the first time at just above Calle Vargas and Santa Cruz. The road to Las Abras and Los Bajos del Volcán is prime territory for local highland bird species, with the Resplendent Quetzal resident in good numbers. It is to be hoped that its local status is not now endangered, since we are still in the reproductive season. Ash fall at Los Bajos was very light and the cabins operated there by Jive Brenes remain unaffected.


Male Resplendent Quetzal, target species for all birders visiting Costa Rica


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