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Paul G PickeringPaul G. Pickering

I was born and raised in Rotherham, Yorkshire, England.  I am an experienced amateur bird watcher, linguist, and R&B enthusiast/collector.  I live with my wife on the slopes of the now active Turrialba Volcano, Costa Rica. If you’re in the area, just come by and I’ll be happy to show you around. Birds for beer? You can buy me a beer but there’s no obligation whatsoever!

For those who want to stay overnight, or even for a few days, our house can be made available at a much cheaper rate than any local comparable accommodation. We can’t provide meals at the house, and sometimes we have just one double bedroom available but our Turrialba location gives you access to some really great birding .

If you would like to send me a message, please use either the contact page or the comment fields on each post.

17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Now then, owd luv!

    Totties for sherberts, eh? Nice angle – like it. Must give that one a go missen!

    Drop us a line when you get a minute between tart-tagging. Sounds like you’ve settled down nicely over there.

    We’re getting ready to head off to South Africa next month for t’World Cup – come on, England. Just watched the Mexico match – if we play like that, we’ll be lucky to get out of the group. Rubbish.

    Anyroad, hope to hear from you, mucker.



  2. Hi Paul
    I was wondering if you could get in touch with me as I need to Identify a unknown Flycatcher, I think it maybe a White-throated Flycatcher as it was on a nest in March 2008 at Bosque De Paz and I would like to email you the photo for Identification
    Kindest Regards Geoff Jones


  3. Greetings,

    I have found your blog most informative. We are going to be staying in el Pueblo de Sitio de Mata, south of Pavones, for 3 nights at the end of October. You mentioned the 4×4 trail to Tapanti from where you are, this is something I have been researching. Is it possible to get from Pejibaye to Purisil during the rainy season on this trail? When you go from San Antonio to Tapanti what is your route? This is our 8th trip to Costa Rica. On the first trip we did photography and some bird song recording. After that trip I built a parabolic microphone and became a nerd in the jungle. We don’t care about the most direct route or the easiest way, just looking for a day 4x4ing and seeing the country. We have a 4×4 and use it in Oregon. Always seems strange that some people rent a 4×4 in Costa Rica so they can get up someones driveway and then never get it muddy!
    Virgil Johnson
    Birds for Nerds


    • Hope to see you here in San Antonio, Virgil. I e-mailed you details about the routes you mention. You can get to almost anywhere in Costa Rica in a 4 x 4! You might also consider Barbilla National Park, by the way. It’s close by and just fantastic. I’ll be doing a post on my recent visit later this week. As usual, I didn’t do well with forest birds, but it was still a wonderful trip.


      • Hmmmm?
        I got the email from the blog, but the email with the routes hasn’t shown itself. I sometimes wonder about my provider. They throw everything in a spam folder first time I get it.

        Checked out the Barbilla Park and if I haven’t worn out my traveling companions by then, I will give it a shot. From Turrialba to Punta Uva for 3 nights and then to La Quinta near Sarapiqui for a night before Arenal. I will get 2 chances to talk them into it!

        I do want to show you my homegrown parabolic mic. See if you have any ideas.


      • Nice to know that you now have the information, Virgil. I will also be at Punta Uva fairly soon, October 20th to 22nd, hoping to see the hawk migration for the first time. Thank you, by the way, for the tip about the Nature Songs website. I’ll be giving it a try very soon. You have a very full itinerary for your visit, but I hope you will have time to drop by here in Turrialba.


    • Hi Doug and Irene,

      What a nice surprise to hear from you. Yes, we now live below the Turrialba volcano, which sprang back to life the day after I signed the house papers. We haven’t been up to Arenal in a long long time but still own the lot there and continue to have future plans. We don’t have as many toucans as you do, but it’s still beautiful. Please drop by if you’re in the Turrialba area.



  4. I’ll be up that way the second week of March. The international orchid show is that weekend and I try not to miss it.From there I wind up at Lankester Gardens which isn’t too far from you.
    I’ll bring beer !


    • Hi Doug,

      Let’s hope the rain here stops before March. It’s rained almost non-stop now for nearly three weeks. I’ve also been meaning to visit Lankester Gardens. It’s about 45 minutes drive from here.

      I look forward to seeing you. Give us a call on 2 538 64 57.


  5. Hi Paul –

    A few of us are coming out your way in a few days. We are rookie bird watchers and would love to do a guided hike with you, and would be happy to provide you with liquid refreshments in return. We’ll be in Turrialba for a week. I hope we can meet up! – Carol


  6. Paul – Thanks for the great hike, neighborhood stories, etc, etc. Very much enjoyed the afternoon and glad you could join us all for dinner. Have some great photos of you and your wife – let me know your email and I’ll forward along.


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