Collared araçari – back in the garden after a 2-year absence

Well, of course it’s most likely that this medium-sized toucan has visited the garden many more times in the intervening period without my noticing it. However, it has been two years since I first recorded it here. This time there were at least 3 individuals. This species prefers lower elevations generally and the following file photo of Collared Araçari (Pteroglossus torquatus) was taken much further down the slope at Santa Rosa:

Toucan, Aracari, Collared (Santa Rosa; garden)

Two Collared Araçaris in John’s garden in nearby Santa Rosa; photo by John Beer

There are no other birds of particular note in my garden at the moment, but I did catch a glimpse of a vireo that I hoped might be the White-eyed Vireo that stayed here for several months two years ago. After hearing its call I have to think that it was simply a migrant Yellow-throated Vireo.

Reported by a reliable witness in the village this week was a Golden-browed Chlorophonia, a beautiful euphonia that was formerly common here, I am told. I will initiate a search tomorrow morning.


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