Spotted Barbtail at Las Truchas

The trout restaurant El Gavilán y Las Truchas here in San Antonio has been closed on each of my last three visits. It remains a very pretty spot and has some excellent forest and stream habitat in the paths above the restaurant.

Warbler, Redstart, Slate-throated, Las Virtudes (2)

Slate-throated Redstart at nearby Las Virtudes, courtesy of John Beer

Chlorospingus, Common, Bajos del Volcan (1)

Common Chlorospingus at Bajos del Volcán, courtesy of John Beer

Because of this habitat it offers some species that are otherwise not always easy to find around San Antonio: Slate-throated Redstart, Green Hermit, Common Chlorospingus, Silver-throated Tanager, Fasciated Tiger-heron, Yellowish Flycatcher and, occasionally, Spotted Barbtail.

Barbtail, Spotted, Bonilla Arriba-Rio Roca (0)

Spotted Barbtail – the tawny throat is a good mark in the gloom of the forest

Although my latest visit, in gloomy weather, was rather disappointing, it did turn up a Spotted Barbtail (Premnoplex brunnescens), perhaps only my third sighting in our immediate area. The photo above was taken by John on a subsequent occasion at a similar elevation at Rio Roca, Bonilla Arriba.




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