New species for San Antonio – Eye-ringed Flatbill

A full trout dinner at nearby Las Truchas Bar (aka El Gavilán y Las Truchas) was a most enjoyable experience yesterday on a beautiful sunny afternoon. The forested stream there offers a lovely environment even when birds are absent. Not counting the overhead vultures, Larry and I found only 6 species at what seems like an ideal birding location. However, one was the Eye-ringed Flatbill (Rhynchocyclus breverostris), an uncommon flycatcher species with relatively few records in our area. It seems to be a first for San Antonio, though Daniel Martínez has recorded it at the Espino Blanco lodge and also just up the hill at Guayabo Arriba, on the way to the Guayabo National Monument.


The aptly named Eye-ringed Flatbill, at the stream at Las Truchas Bar; photo by Larry Waddell

Our bird was in the company of a Yellowish Flycatcher (Empidonax flavescens), a pretty bird commonly found at middle and high elevations but infrequently here in the village of San Antonio. I have generally found it only at higher locations. Larry managed to take photos of both species.


Yellowish Flycatcher, a resident Empidonax flycatcher that is not too difficult to identify. Photo by Larry Waddell

Note that the eye-ring on the flatbill forms a complete and perfect circle, while that of the Yellowish Flycatcher is teardrop-shaped and is behind the eye. There were no other species of real note, but Larry also managed a nice shot of a female Crowned Woodnymph (Thalurania colombica) that was feeding on a flowering güitite:


The white throat and breast, with green below the mid-breast curve, is typical of the female Crowned Woodnymph. Photo by Larry Waddell

I have subsequently confirmed this species higher up on the Los Bajos road between Calle Vargas and Las Abras, above Santa Cruz.

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