Rufous-winged Tanager and Royal Flycatcher at Las Brisas

Count Day at Las Brisas was the big day and also brought me three new life birds, the stunningly beautiful Rufous-winged Tanager (Tangara lavinia), the Royal Flycatcher (Onychorhynchus coronatus) and the Song Wren (Cyphorhinus phaeocephalus).

As I had imagined, the Rufous-winged Tanager is similar to the much more common and almost equally dazzling Bay-headed Tanager. I don´t know where Yehudi Hernández took the photograph below, but it captures the beauty of this species perfectly. The rufous wing is not in evidence here, but the blue belly contrasts wonderfully with the rest of the mostly green plumage of the underparts.


Rufous-winged Tanager, courtesy of Yehudi Hernández and the Asociación Ornitológica de Costa Rica

The Royal Flycatcher would be no doubt an equally awe-inspiring bird if it would oblige us by raising its famous red-and-blue crest. As it is, this rather uncommon bird is rather modestly attired, in keeping with its dark and shady forest environment. I was nonetheless very pleased to be able finally to see and hear it. Many thanks again to Ernesto and Paz!


Royal Flycatcher, courtesy of Richard Garrigues

There were many other highlights of the Cerulean Warbler Count, but the last life bird of the day for me was the Song Wren, well named because of its rather tuneful song. This is also a common species at Las Brisas and elsewhere, but not in my home area on the Turrialba Volcano slope.


Song Wren, courtesy of Karel Straatman. I finally got this one, Karel!

Check the following link to see Ernesto’s full list of sightings for an unforgettable day at Reserva Las Brisas:

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