Cape May Warbler on a stormy day

I have been checking the churchyard daily for the arrival of the Cape May Warbler (Dendroica tigrina). This rare migrant has appeared with some regularity both here at the house and, in particular, in the San Antonio churchyard opposite. So far, in past years only blurry photographs were taken, and never of a male, so I’m very grateful that enthusiastic young birders and photographers arrived a few days later to document this latest arrival.

It’s a very smart male in breeding plumage, although I still fully expect that it may be accompanied. We had dreadful storms in subsequent days too and the strong winds made it very difficult for observations.

Here, however, is an excellent photo taken by the guys from Biofotos, Bernardo and Hansell. Be sure to check out their great website at

Cape May WarblerBiofotos

Bird still here on February. 16th.

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