New Year 2015 finally finds me reporting to ebird

Fantastic! My daughter Mariana has helped me become thoroughly modern by guiding me through the process of entering my birding files in Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s eBird database. The benefits are tremendous, both for the individual birder and for the birding community at large. No more unwieldy Excel files for me. I can keep my personal birding reports on their database and retrieve that information, plus everyone else’s, in multiple forms. Why didn’t I do this before? It will take me a long long time to enter all my files from so many years of bird watching, but I’m an inveterate lister so it will be acutely pleasurable. As long as I attend occasionally to my wife’s whims, all should go well. Sí, mi amor! Voy!

If you’d like to add me to your eBird contact list, please use username birdsforbeer or look for my name (Paul Pickering) on the checklists for Costa Rica.

eBird CentroAmerica

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