Hungry juvenile Collared Redstart

Collared Redstart (Myioborus torquatus): Candelita collareja; Halsband-Waldsänger; Paruline ceinturée

John recently came across a juvenile of this common highland species. Seen alone, the first impression might be of the Slate-throated Redstart (Myioborus miniatus), a related and equally common species whose range partly overlaps with that of torquatus. Fortunately, a yellow-faced adult bird was in close attendance to feed the hungry youngster, thus dispelling all doubt.

Juvenile Collared Redstart fed by adult at El Tapojo; photo by John Beer

Here below is the young bird, unaccompanied this time by any readily recognised adult. Note that a close view allows the beginnings of the yellow face feathers to be seen:

Unaccompanied juvenile Collared Redstart; photo by John Beer

For comparison purposes here’s a file photo of an adult Slate-throated Redstart:

Adult Slate-throated Redstart at Bonilla Arriba; photo by John Beer

For more detailed information, please see my earlier posts on the Collared Redstart – El amigo del hombreCollared Redstart – el amigo del hombre and Costa Rican Redstarts.Costa Rican Redstarts

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