Angostura Pt. II – Baird’s Sandpiper

John Beer has a clear description of what changes took place at the Angostura Dam, Turrialba, and I quote: “The national electricity company (ICE) drained the reservoir for a second time (trying to wash out sediment) leaving extensive areas of mud and sand interspersed by shallow pools. Waders once again are taking advantage of this exposure”.

To round out my previous post on Angostura shorebirds I must now add the Baird’s Sandpipers (Calidris bairdii), at least 2 individuals, discovered by John and Milena recently at that site:

Baird’s Sandpiper with injured right leg, at Angostura; photo by John Beer

Baird’s Sandpiper has a much less well-defined ‘necklace’ on the breast than the Pectoral Sandpiper. It is smaller, yet still much larger than the smallest ‘peeps’. Furthermore, it has a long wing extension, clearly seen when the bird is on the ground.

Baird’s Sandpiper; black legs and long wing extension in good view; photo by John Beer
Baird’s Sandpiper nicely reflected in a pool of water at Angostura; photo by John Beer

And John’s final photograph of Baird’s Sandpiper below shows the difference in size compared to the accompanying Least Sandpipers:

Baird’s Sandpiper accompanied by Least Sandpipers at Angostura; photo by John Beer

Finally, also at Angostura, here are a Wilson’s Snipe (Gallinago delicata)…..

Wilson’s Snipe ventures out into the open; photo by John Beer

….and a Tricolored Heron (Egretta tricolor):

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