Birds in my Costa Rican mountain-slope garden in January/February

I saw lots of birds in three weeks in Denver, Colorado, and I saw far fewer birds here in Costa Rica in my first three days back at home in Turrialba. But you can get a good idea of the difference in species diversity between what can be seen in most of the northern hemisphere and what can be seen in its tropical regions when you consider that I noted just 47 species in three weeks in Colorado but more than 66 species in just three days close to my house here in Costa Rica.

I think that this was the rainiest January I’ve experienced in Turrialba so far, and the rain has continued in large part into February. Usually summer has already set in by now, but nonetheless there is still plenty of interest for birders.  The following series of photos shows some species that can be found most days:

Collared Aracari in flight at John's

An all-action shot of a Collared Araçari, at nearby Santa Rosa; courtesy of Larry Waddell

Cuckoo, Squirrel, La Marta (1)

Squirrel Cuckoo at La Marta de Pejibaye; photo by John Beer

Vireo, Philadelphia3, Canal, CATIE

Migrant Philadelphia Vireo at CATIE canal; photo by John Beer

Toucan, Keel-billed Siquirres (1)

Keel-billed Toucan; photo by John Beer taken at Siquirres

Woodpecker, Black-checked, male, Angostura (2)

Male Black-cheeked Woodpecker at Angostura, Turrialba; photo by John Beer

Our two local parrots, neither of them a large bird:

Parrot, White-crowned (CATIE) (2)

White-crowned Parrot at CATIE, courtesy of John Beer

Parrot, Brown-hooded, Santa Rosa garden (1)

This one is not so frequently identified: Brown-hooded Parrot in Santa Rosa de Turrialba; photo by John Beer

Finally, here is our resident hummer, impossible to miss:

Hummingbird, Rufous-tailed, Santa Rosa (2)

Rufous-tailed Hummingbird at Santa Rosa de Turrialba; photo by John Beer

With careful observation you can usually observe around 40 different bird species each day in the garden. Although I can now see my daughter only on Skype, I’m glad to be back!



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