White-eared Ground-Sparrow at El Banco

The White-eared Ground-Sparrow (Melozone leucotis) is a fairly common bird within its very restricted range in Costa Rica. It is supposed to be a Pacific slope bird found only in the Central Valley but I have had several sightings in the Turrialba area, including one in my garden. Reports from the Turrialba area on the eBird database other than mine   are very scarce. The Spanish name is Cuatro Ojos. The following file photo is one that I used in an earlier post several years ago and is by courtesy of Dominic Sherony.

White-eared ground-sparrow - Courtesy of Dominic Sherony via Wikipedia Commons

Cuatro Ojos – Four Eyes!

Two days ago, on a quick visit to El Banco, located between our neighbouring villages of El Carmen and Verbena Sur, I found a juvenile or immature bird in thick vegetation on the high slopes above the Rio Aquiares. I assume this to mean that this species now nests in our area. Does anyone have any record of local nesting of this species?



3 thoughts on “White-eared Ground-Sparrow at El Banco

  1. Thanks Paul…..I’m learning a great deal from your work and information on birds I never knew existed……Gaining information for when I’m there in Costa Rica…….AND….Much thanks to you in supporting Maria when she has been there in Costa Rica.    Our Lawyer is processing for us to buy the property and we want you to know that if all goes well with our purchase, you will be more than welcome to continue your observations………..Mac and Maria 


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