Plain Wrens in San Antonio

I have always assumed that the Plain Wren (Cantorchilus modestus) nesting in my garden is simply the one found in most parts of Costa Rica, and not the so-called Canebrake Wren (Cantorchilus zeledoni) of the Caribbean lowlands. The latter was formerly regarded as a separate species, and perhaps it is.

On his recent visit here, Richard Garrigues, co-author of the field guide The Birds of Costa Rica, asked me which of the two my resident birds were. I answered without hesitation that I thought they were not the Canebrake Wren, even though our area is considered more Caribbean than Central Valley.

Here, however, is Steven Easley’s most recent photograph of a bird preparing to nest this year in the garden:

Plain Wren - San Antonio Costa Rica - Jan 2 2016 web  image

Looks rather grey. Is it a Canebrake Wren?

I welcome opinions on identification!

Whichever it is, the chinchirigüí brightens up my every day with its loud and cheerful song.

One thought on “Plain Wrens in San Antonio

  1. “Canebrake Wrens” show almost completely gray flanks – no rich tawny/orange color.
    This is clearly a normal Pacific/Central Valley Plain Wren.
    Warm flanks baby, warm flanks!!!


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