Unsure of light-green birds at San Rafael

At San Rafael on the edge of the Espino Blanco Reserve, I observed, though not very well, a flock of 6-8 light-green birds in tree tops that I at first assumed were tanagers. Here are what have to be the three candidates, in order of likelihood based on eBird sightings for the area this year:

1.  Female/Immature Green Honeycreeper: colour looks right but I didn’t note the long bill and where were the males? At the top end of its elevation range, but I have quite often found this species at this altitude and in this location.

Female Green Honeycreeper
Female Green Honeycreeper (Chlorophanes spiza)

2.  Immature Emerald Tanager: Again, the elevation is a little high and I saw none of the distinctive black markings of male birds of this species. Very few local reports (one of them is mine, from a nearby but much lower elevation).

3.  Green Shrike-vireo: Elevation is once more a little high for this species and it does not feature in the official Espino Blanco bird list. Usually solitary, or in pairs only. No local reports of this species.

Looks like it’s the Green Honeycreeper, but please let me know if you have an opinion!

With years of hindsight these are now confirmed to be female Green Honeycreepers.

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