Excursion to Guayabo National Monument

The day before yesterday I went over to the Guayabo National Monument after lunch to bird the road area outside the park itself. I find that several hours pass quickly there because, if you are patient, interesting species always seem to appear. Bird highlights, for me, were a Lesser Greenlet and the call of a Great Tinamou, reminding me of the very recent trip to the nearby Espino Blanco Reserve.

Lesser greenlet finally stands still, photo courtesy of Larry H. Thompson

Lesser Greenlet, photo courtesy of Larry H. Thompson

The Lesser Greenlet (Hylophilus decurtatus) is likely to be mistaken for a warbler at first, but I find that the grey head with the bold eye-ring and its slightly dumpy shape eliminate most other sources of confusion, such as the Tennessee Warbler, which is very common here in the northern winter. The Nashville Warbler would be a great rarity and can be discounted for all practical purposes. The very nice picture above does not show what I find to be a clear contrast between the grey head and the green back. Here’s the list of birds identified for the day:

  1. Great tinamou (voice only)
  2. Gray-headed chachalaca
  3. Cattle egret
  4. Black vulture
  5. Turkey vulture
  6. Squirrel cuckoo
  7. Rufous-tailed hummingbird
  8. Keel-billed toucan
  9. White-crowned parrot
  10. Crimson-fronted parakeet
  11. Paltry tyrannulet
  12. Bright-rumped attila
  13. Boat-billed flycatcher
  14. Social flycatcher
  15. Masked tityra
  16. Lesser greenlet
  17. Brown jay
  18. Bay wren
  19. Black-and-white warbler
  20. Tennessee warbler
  21. Chestnut-sided warbler
  22. White-lined tanager
  23. Bay-headed tanager
  24. Silver-throated tanager
  25. Green honeycreeper
  26. Variable seedeater
  27. Bananaquit
  28. Yellow-faced grassquit
  29. Rufous-collared sparrow
  30. Great-tailed grackle
  31. Montezuma oropendola

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