Canada warbler in San Antonio


The fantastic thing about Costa Rica is that it has so many species that a life bird can show up on your home patch at any time.  Today’s new bird, the Canada warbler (Wilsonia canadensis) appeared in the forest remnant at don Martín’s cabin above Quebrada La Loca.  It is both a new bird for my San Antonio list and also a life bird for me personally.  The female appeared first and is not a highly distinctive bird.  It is grey above and yellow below and has a faint necklace on the breast.  The necklace is black and very marked on the handsome male.  The white undertail coverts were easy to see since I was looking from below, and both birds, but especially the male, seemed to have spectacles.  This effect results from a yellow line at the lores.

The same forest patch contained its usual White-breasted wood-wrens and Golden-crowned warblers.  The wrens were singing beautifully, as was a nearby Orange-billed nightingale-thrush.  I again failed to find the Fasciated tiger-heron, which is reportedly still here, nor was the Sunbittern out and about.  Two hermits showed up.  One of two Stripe-throated hermits came right up to my face to inspect me, and a Green hermit female, with its white central rectrices, was attracted to the same pink banana as the little hermits.

Here’s a Stripe-throated (Little) hermit taking a rest after banding down at CATIE.

Hummingbirds in the hand tend to stay motionless for a few seconds if placed on their back.

Hummingbirds in the hand tend to stay motionless for a few seconds if placed on their back.

The bottle-brush trees in the church yard still held the Cape May warbler this morning, but there was no sign of the Slaty flowerpiercer.  Yet another hummingbird is there this late afternoon, a female Violet-crowned woodnymph.  Got to get out in the field as long as April is here because you just don’t know what will turn up.



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