Elegant Euphonia returns

This lovely male visited us some years back

This lovely male visited us some years back

I hadn’t seen this stunning bird in a long while and was thrilled to encounter a male just up the road next to Nerón’s house.  Nerón is always a good source of information since, as the local woodcutter, he is out in the field daily.  Now it seems that not only is there a Blue-crowned motmot (Momotus momota) nest in a steep bank right next to his house, but the Elegant euphonia (Euphonia elegantissima) also raised a brood next to a giant panal (hornet’s nest) last year.  This beautiful euphonia is fond of matapalo (mistletoe, etc.) and has appeared in my guayabos with some regularity around this time of year.  The dry season is called verano, and hence this bird is locally named the cacique veranero.

A Tropical pewee (Contupus cinereus) is nesting on top of a telegraph pole near doña Blanca’s dairy just across the road.  For once, I don’t have to look for the traces of yellow on the belly or listen for the call note to distinguish it from the migratory Western and Eastern wood-pewees.

Other migrants are now on their way through, including Baltimore oriole, Rose-breasted grosbeak and Summer tanager.



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