Marsh sandpiper in Amsterdam

Marsh sandpiper

Marsh sandpiper

Taking advantage of a month-long stay here in Amsterdam, I now add my first post with European birds.  With amazing good luck, I immediately added several birds to my life list (if I had one), including a misplaced Marsh sandpiper (Tringa stagnatilis).  This is a species normally found only in eastern Europe, where it breeds, or in southern Europe in winter.  Local birders alerted me to the presence of the bird, a solitary specimen associating with Redshanks (Tringa totanus) and other waders on a mudflat (fresh water) just outside Durgerdam, a pretty village on the outskirts of Amsterdam.  I certainly would not have been able to identify it unaided.  It resembles a slender Greenshank (Tringa nebularia) I’m told.  However, since no Greenshanks were present, I was unable to make that direct comparison.  I now have a pair of Bushnell binoculars with a mounted camera (a lovely present from son, Richard) but I still cannot take photos because I need a card to make it work, it seems.  I am now joining the modern age and hope to add my own photos of sightings as they occur in future.  Here are two rather more common tringas by way of comparison.






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