January in a garden on the slopes of the Turrialba Volcano

Streak-headed woodcreeper

Streak-headed woodcreeper

Back home again at the Turrialba Volcano!  After some sterling birdwatching in California, I am finally back here in San Antonio, at 1200 m.  Here’s a garden list of what is to be found this year in January, beginning of February, without even going out into the field:

  1. Gray-headed chachalaca
  2. Cattle egret
  3. Black vulture
  4. Turkey vulture
  5. Roadside hawk
  6. Red-billed pigeon
  7. Ruddy ground-dove
  8. White-tipped dove
  9. White-crowned parrot
  10. Squirrel cuckoo
  11. Groove-billed ani
  12. Bare-shanked screech-owl
  13. Tropical screech-owl
  14. Common pauraque
  15. Rufous-tailed hummingbird
  16. Keel-billed toucan
  17. Golden-olive woodpecker
  18. Rufous-winged woodpecker
  19. Streak-headed woodcreeper
  20. Yellow-bellied elaenia
  21. Piratic flycatcher
  22. Common tody-flycatcher
  23. Black phoebe
  24. Great kiskadee
  25. Social flycatcher
  26. Brown jay
  27. Blue-and-white swallow
  28. Northern rough-winged swallow
  29. Plain wren
  30. House wren
  31. Clay-colored robin
  32. Tennessee warbler
  33. Black-and-white warbler
  34. Wilson’s warbler
  35. Bananaquit
  36. Summer tanager
  37. Passerini’s tanager
  38. Golden-hooded tanager
  39. Blue-gray tanager
  40. Palm tanager
  41. Yellow-faced grassquit
  42. Black-striped sparrow
  43. Rufous-collared sparrow
  44. Grayish saltator
  45. Buff-throated saltator
  46. Black-headed saltator
  47. Melodious blackbird
  48. Great-tailed grackle
  49. Baltimore oriole
  50. Montezuma oropendola
  51. Elegant euphonia

All in all, fifty nifty but quite common species, plus one.  Strikingly absent at the moment are the Crimson-fronted parakeet and the Gray-capped flycatcher.  All of the above were spotted just by looking out of the window or cleaning up in the garden.  There’ll be much more to come since migrants are all still here.  My closing photo shows a male Summer tanager, almost always present here at this time of year.  Both photos courtesy of Karel Straatman.  See you in Provence, Karel!

284 Summer tanager CR (1)

Summer tanager wintering in Costa Rica

5 thoughts on “January in a garden on the slopes of the Turrialba Volcano

  1. Hi my Friend!

    Oh, how I miss looking out your window at the first light of misty morning and seeing and hearing all those creatures inhabiting it. I especially miss the beautiful calling of the oropendolas, high in the eucalyptus tree….


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