Seven warblers warbling

The Chestnut-sided warbler is a common migrant here; this bird is probably a juvenile male

No partridges and no pear tree, so the best I can do this Christmas is seven different warbler species in a guayabo tree.  This flurry of activity came late afternoon on December 22nd, but there may well have been other warbler species among them.

Just as I was sorting out the species amongst an incredible burst of activity near my entrance gate, three neighbours’ families, mums in charge, kids all togged up as shepherds and such, appeared.  They had come in order to recite the traditional Las Posadas and bless our house and family.  A mixed blessing this time, since I had to leave the birds, but it’s a beautiful Tico tradition that I have now experienced for the second time in my life.

By the time I got back outside all the birds were long gone, but here’s the list, not counting several other common local species that had joined the fray.

1.  Tennessee warbler (several)

2.  Golden-winged warbler (at least one, an adult female)

3.  Chestnut-sided warbler (several)

4.  Black-throated green warbler (at least one, male)

5.  Black-and-white warbler (one female)

6.  Wilson’s warbler (two or three)

7.  My mystery warbler (only a quick look at the heavy stripes on a definitely yellowish breast; see my coming blog for details of my several sightings)

Unfortunately, the next day, the day before Christmas Eve, did not produce more than three of these same species, with no sign of the mystery item.  It’s Happy Holidays, however, because I am also treated to Long-tailed silky flycatchers and Elegant euphonias in these days of bright sunshine and sudden clouds.  The flycatchers have arrived a week or two early because the fruta de paloma fruited a little earlier, while the euphonias are singing up a storm in the mistletoe.

Sure beats House sparrows and Starlings, doesn’t it?

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